Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sheep Herding!

This was too good for my not to place here. Using sheep herding as a means of not only fun but artistic expression. I can only imagine the complexity of the entire execution.

 Sheep Herding!

Negative! Always the Negative!

If you're a great deal like (and you may not be at all) you have a lot of politically active friends who like to forward information regarding the latest issues in Washington and anywhere else that happens to have professional liars and cheaters. This serves well as it keeps me informed on what is happening outside of my house since the few visits I make beyond the walls are limited to a range of a few miles...most of the time. I also avoid cable, as I have a hatred for the latest attempts to market goods that I don't need and attempts to trick me into buying something of no value. There are other reasons of course, but let's just come to the simple conclusion that I keep a good distance from much of the outside world. If I could have it my way, I would be much further from civilization and make only momentary breaks in order to tend to my ideal work.

I'm rambling of course. I have friends who inform me of the outside, just not politically mind you, but also socially and scientifically. Much of the science I update myself in is that in my field, so it's nice to get briefs on what is happening in places like physics and chemistry.

Do you ever notice though, that there is rarely any good news? Often times, the news (not necessarily political) is negative, particularly concerning how America and other countries more backwards than our own, are somehow just swirling down into the great toilet of the universe.

Does it ever bother you? I know that some days I look at all the information people send me and I just wonder if anyone will ever send something positive. Maybe we've manage to stave off the extinction of another species, or perhaps for once, all of our efforts have come to fruition in Washington.

I think it would be great if instead of moaning about how horrible the world is (and oh is it), we ought to consider the good things. Take a moment to gag if you must, it all sounds incredibly cheesy and out of an 80s cartoon, this I know, but I think there is some truth in it.

One of the things I wish not to do on this blog is to saturate anyone with consistent negative drivel. I'm aware that politics are important (for some odd reason), and that we must be aware of the horrible things being done so that we can hopefully stop it. However, once in awhile we need to pause and breathe, else we turn into cranky, bitter monsters. I certainly never want to be that.

The world is a horrible place. The world is also a beautiful place, full of complexity and life beyond humans. Once in awhile I'd like to see someone say that instead of always whining about the injustices. It's harder to see how wonderful Earth is when the cities are smothering us and the humans are killing everything that is. But it's there, I promise you.

So to cement the beginning of good things!
There are good things in the world!