Thursday, May 26, 2011

OMG it promotes racism! OH NO!

I get it. I know you're scared because some science article came out and it's conclusion seems to be racist. I don't like racism anymore than you do, so I understand the insta-fear that comes out of it.

However...there is something you don't understand... not... PC.

Take a deep breathe. I know that it's shocking and it may take a moment to overcome catatonia.

Now before you lose it. Before you turn into a raging hippie, let's get something straight.

Science, while it can show us what is moral or immoral (based on the greatest common good), that's not it's actual design, it's merely an ability or extension of it. Science is based on the idea of understanding reality, as it is, and not as we wish it were.

I wish there were Faeries.
Run several tests, find out faeries don't exist.
So faeries don't exist.

Damn it! No faeries?! But that's promoting static thinking! How will we ever promote creativity without FAERIES?! You bastards!

See the problem?

Science is based on what we see, in a somewhat metaphorical but also literal sense. We seek reality or truth, even if that truth is horrible. You know what we do after? We test it over and over again so that we can learn more about it, it happens, under what circumstances, can we change it, etc. Then we apply what we learn and try to change the behavior so that it IS moral.

See how this works?

Now, if you find a study which has a shaky methodology, that's completely different. Then IT IS a problem because science is based on being reliable and valid. If the study is unreliable and invalid, then there is a problem with the study that should be rectified.

But please, for the long of FSM, do NOT cry foul because a study is not PC oriented. Life sucks, reality sucks, and that is why we study it, so we can learn how to make it better.

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